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My goal has always been to create a practice capable of delivering care that is safe, effective, patient-centered, efficient, timely, and equitable. I chose the "solo" option so that I could make changes quickly. My goal was not "solo practice;" this has merely been my means to the end.

This page is for those who would create similar practices, but is open to all. These files are Word and Excel files describing the basic principles of my practice.

I'm leaving the materials below as they are probably still helpful to folks who are considering starting their own ideal micropractices. Go to the Ideal Micro Practice project site for more information.

How smaller is better.

Planned care
How to achieve superb outcomes for those who come to you for care.

For three years I worked hard to achieve the types of chronic disease outcomes seen in practices using the Care Model. By 2004, I realized that truly superb care requires a team and Judy Zettek joined the practice. Here's an article on Care Teams.

Unfettered Access
Why removing all barriers to access results in less work. Open access references (word document)

Financial Model
A simple Excel spreadsheet that will help you calculate cost, revenue, and margin (how much you get to take home).

On line discussion group
Join our growing community of practices and individuals who have chosen to walk a better path.
To subscribe send an email to: Practiceimprovement1-subscribe at yahoogroups.com (change " at " to "@" in the real message.)

Cutting edge doctor list with contact information (Excel file, updated 5/16/06)
Here is a list compiled by Gary Seto of participants on our discussion group. A good way to find a doc near you who is practicing at the cutting edge - getting the care back into health care.

Other resources
IHI.org - Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Here you will find techniques for quality improvement, measurement, chronic disease managment, access. My brief comments on these things (above) are based on what you will find and link to from this site. With only some of the office practice content loaded, it is already the ultimate source for anyone interested in excellence in health care.

Clinicalmicrosystem.org: Using their Action Guide will give you the deepest understanding of an office as a system, but is a bit overwhelming. The point is somewhat moot for solo practices, but is invaluable in larger settings. The work is based on the book "Intelligent Enterprise" by James Bryan Quinn, one of the fundamental works that moved me into my current practice.



Your Personalized Guide to the Best Health Care . . .

A Resource from the Institute


Information on Creating the Ideal Practice.

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